Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Russian Dolls a.k.a Les Poupées Russes

I've just finished watching The Russian Dolls a.k.a Les Poupées Russes for the ... hmm... I forget how many times I've seen it. Five times, ten times, maybe more... 

It's better to write some words about this movie first since it isn't famous enough in Indonesia. The Russian Dolls a.k.a Les Poupées Russes is a French movie. This movie was mostly taken in England, Paris, and St. Petersburg (Russia). It's the sequel of The Spanish Apartment a.k.a L'Auberge Espagnole. Though it's a sequel, in my opinion you can watch this movie without watching the first movie because it has different plot from the first one. While The Spanish Apartment is interesting because of its multicultural atmosphere (only --in my opinion), The Russian Dolls combines multicultural atmosphere, love story, and life lessons.

The question is why I love this movie very much and watch it again and again. Honestly I dont have an exact answer for this question, but I can make a list of things I like about this movie. And here it is...
  • Europe and its nice view.. Old buildings. I dunno... I just love europe.. ;)
  • Multicultural atmosphere. People crossed around countries, spoke different languages.. 
  • Most of conversation was in English. And Wendy spoke British English! ;D *yes of course! She's english*
  • Quotes... Many many beautiful and meaningful sentences in this movie..
  • Complicated story.. Hehehehehe... *interpersonal relation often turns to be complicated right?*

You may think that my list of things-I-love is too short and doesnt show any sense of loving this movie so much. It's just I cant find the most appropriate explanation for this movie. It is.... simply beautiful with its detail.. =)

Wendy: I know you're not always perfect. I know you have tons of problems, defects, imperfections... but who doesn't? It's just that I prefer your problems. I'm in love with your imperfections. Your imperfections are just great! 

[... ] 
Wendy: I know most girls they get weak on their knees for what's beautiful, you know, that's all they see, that's all they want. But I'm not like that. I don't just see what's beautiful. I fall for the other stuff. I love what's not perfect. It's just how I am. 

Xavier: If I think about all the girls I've known or slept with or just desired, they're like a bunch of Russian dolls. We spend our lives playing the game dying to know who'll be the last, the teeny-tiny one hidden inside all the others. You can't just get to her right away. You have to follow the progression. You have to open them one by one wondering, "Is she the last one?"

Russian dolls

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