Wednesday, May 22, 2013

self-growing seedlings

Beberapa waktu yang lalu aku dikejutkan dengan kemunculan banyak seedlings di salah satu pot bunga kamboja yang aku tanam. Pot itu mendadak begitu rame!

Ku akui bahwa beberapa waktu belakangan, karena kesibukan, tanaman-tanamanku jadi agak terbengkalai. Aku bahkan gak tau bahwa seedpods bunga kamboja di beberapa pot udah waktunya diambil karena mereka udah pada kering dan pecah. Sampai... sampai... biji-biji dalam seedpods itu ketika kutemukan udah gak lagi berbentuk biji. Yak! Mereka udah berubah jadi seedlings! Amazing transformation, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

49 Days: quotes

Finally I got another change to watch --again-- one of my fav k-dramas, 49 Days! Yippie.. =D

This 20-episode drama was first aired in 2011 by SBS. Taking romance and fantasy as its genres, this well-and-beautifully arranged drama unsurprisingly was making me laugh hard and cry a lot even in my second time watching. Check out its promotional poster on the left! It reflects the blue-ness of this drama very well..

If you're happen to now know this drama or never watch it, you can load this link to find its brief summary. I'm very sorry for not write it here because I can't say that I'm in the mood to write it --what a silly excuse!--. Here I wanna share some --some? Hmm.. a lot I say. Hehe..-- quotes taking from the drama's script. But before we go to the quotes, I'd like to introduce main characters of this drama. Not all of them, but only whose words quoted..

Thursday, February 07, 2013


Youth is not a stage of life
it is a mental stage;
it is impetus, drive of the will,
an active, alert and vivid imagination
confidence in your emotions.
It is bravery winning over cowardice,
love of adventure triumphing over lethargy.
Nobody gets old because s/he lived a certain amount of years,
only when one's ideals have faded in the distance.
With the years skin gets wrinkly
but the surrender of inspiration wrinkles the soul.
Worries, doubts, loss of confidence, fears and hopelessness,
those are the bricks which pull your head towards the ground
and bend an honest and upright spirit into the dust.
Seventy or seventeen, in the hearts of every human being lives a yearning for the wondrous,
sublime awe at the sight of eternal stars, thoughts and things,
the fearless venture,
the insatiable childlike suspense that the next day brings,
the exuberant joy and zest for life.
You are as young as your dreams,
as old as your doubts,
as young as your confidence,
as old as your fears,
as young as your hopes,
as old as your despair.
As long as the message about beauty, joy, daring, greatness
about the earth,
about the people,
about the infinite
reach your heart, you are still young.
Only when the wings hang downward, and your heart is covered by the snow of pessimism and the ice of cynicism,
only then have you become truly old.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

terjebak quiz (part 2)

Ini early warning ya! 
Kalo kamu pengen baca postingan yang berbobot dan serius, mendingkan langsung load page lainnya. Postingan ini sungguh hasil iseng yang tersulut oleh komen temen postcrosser Indonesia --mb Indah-- di postingan "terjebak quiz" sebelumnya.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

you&i both

There are reasons why we're not together. 
It is laid neither only in you nor only in me. 
It is laid in both of us. 

Two words "thank you" must be said.
Not for coming, but for going away.
Not for your courage to stay, but for your courage to leave.
Not for your perseverance to work on relationship, but for your perseverance to end it.

thank you...