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49 Days: quotes

Finally I got another change to watch --again-- one of my fav k-dramas, 49 Days! Yippie.. =D

This 20-episode drama was first aired in 2011 by SBS. Taking romance and fantasy as its genres, this well-and-beautifully arranged drama unsurprisingly was making me laugh hard and cry a lot even in my second time watching. Check out its promotional poster on the left! It reflects the blue-ness of this drama very well..

If you're happen to now know this drama or never watch it, you can load this link to find its brief summary. I'm very sorry for not write it here because I can't say that I'm in the mood to write it --what a silly excuse!--. Here I wanna share some --some? Hmm.. a lot I say. Hehe..-- quotes taking from the drama's script. But before we go to the quotes, I'd like to introduce main characters of this drama. Not all of them, but only whose words quoted..

the Shin sisters,
Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung/Ji Min
Song Yi Kyung/Shin Ji Min (by Lee Yo Won) is a woman who lives alone in her small-apartment. She goes through chronic depression started after Song Yi Soo's (by Jung Il Woosudden death. He's her childhood friend, her lover, and her guardian, as well. She works as a night-shift shop keeper. It is told in almost the whole story that she's an orphan and was abandoned by her parents. In the last episode, her background is unveiled, that she's a long-lost daughter of the rich Shin family and older sister of Shin Ji Hyun (by Nam Gyu Ri). It was Yi Soo who gave her the name of Song Yi Kyung when she arrived at the orphanage.

the trio,
In Jung, Ji Hyun, and Seo Woo
Shin Ji Hyun is a daughter of the rich Shin family. She's a simple-minded, cheerful, and bride-to-be woman. She has two close friends, Shin In Jung (by Seo Ji Hye) and Park Seo Woo (by Bae Geu Rin). They have built their friendship since they were in high school. They are kinda trio! Ji Hyun involves in a car crash when she carelessly unbuckles her seat belt in order to take her phone which is dropped by herself. This accident leads to her vegetative state. During this vegetative state, Ji Hyun's soul meets Scheduler --kinda Death Angel. If we take a term from Death Note, then it's Shinigami). Later on Ji Hyun and Scheduler have a friend-like relation though Scheduler never admits it. The Scheduler gives Ji Hyun two options. One, accepting her heath. Two, taking a chance to live again by collecting 100% pure tears from ones who love her, except parents and sibling, in 49 days. If she can't fulfill it, she will be pronounced dead. The "optimistic princess" Ji Hyun takes the second option and becomes a 49-days traveler, the "traveler Shin Ji Hyun". During her 49 days, Ji Hyun's soul borrows Yi Kyung's body during the day when Yi Kyung sleeps. Ji Hyun herself doesn't know that Yi Kyung is her long-lost older sister. The blood-relation between Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung makes Yi Kyung is able to feel the presence of Ji Hyun. She is initially able to hear Ji Hyun's voice and, later, is able to see her. 

Scheduler/Song Yi Soo
Ji Hyun helps Yi Kyung to find Yi Soo who is none other than our charming Scheduler. Scheduler can't remember her past life. He just knows that he voluntarily enrolled himself to be a Scheduler because there's something he's eagerly getting done right after his five-year term as Scheduler finished. But later he finds himself able to remember his past life and the reason behind becoming a Scheduler. It turns his charming and easy going --easily-get-tempered too!-- personality into rather depressive. Ji Hyun helps Yi Kyung and Yi Soo aka Scheduler to clear up their misunderstanding. 

Han Kang (!!)
During her 49-day travel, Ji Hyun gets a lot of help from Han Kang (by Jo Hyun Jae), her classmate in high school. She receives a lot of support from Han Kang. He also helps Ji Hyun to overcome her just-discovered bad intention of her fiance Kang Min Hoo (by Bae Soo Binand In Jung, who actually have a relationship started far before Ji Hyun knew Min Ho. Han Kang is an excellent architect who runs his own office and an Italian restaurant --where Yi Kyung who is possessed by Ji Hyun works--. He lived in the US with his father for 10 years while his mother lived in South Korea alone until her death due to cancer. We can't say that Han Kang and Ji Hyun relation was good back then. They often got fight against each other. The worst was happened during a festival when they supposed to work together. The day after they got fight, they were separated. Han Kang's mother sent him to the US to live with his father while Ji Hyun involuntarily moved to Seoul with her parents --they took their high school in Jinan--. Though they often got fight, Han Kang actually developed his feeling towards Ji Hyun. He decided to return to South Korea to find Ji Hyun. He initially wanted to ask for her apology and wanted to confess his love, of course. But sad, when he arrived in Seoul, Ji Hyun has already had a boyfriend, Min Ho, and they are about to get married. This situation makes Han Kang expressing dislike, instead of love, towards Ji Hyun to cover his true feeling. In another hand, because of his love, he can't help not knowing and not understanding Ji Hyun's habits and expressions. It was him who first discovers that Yi Kyung is possessed by Ji Hyun's soul. Ji Hyun also gets her first tear from Han Kang. Later they recognize each other and express love towards each other though it remains unspoken until Ji Hyun's "real" death --after she gains her consciousness some days--. 

Hae Won and his wife Hwa Joon
Han Kang doesn't gain his understanding about 49 days travel by himself. It was Hae Won --manager of his Italian restaurant-- who first mention about this 49-days thing. Hae Won was a monk-to-be in Jinan. During his lived there, he ever heard about this story from an old monk in Jinan. He also gives direction to Han Kang how to find this monk. Once Hae Won himself meets the monk in order to get more information, but what he gets was nothing --Han Kang receives a little bit more information than he does--. He was taken care by Han Kang's mother and followed her moving to Seoul. His long-standing relation with Han Kang's mother and Han Kang himself makes Hae Won possessing deep understanding towards Han Kang's complex dynamic. 

the secret lovers,
In Jung and Min Ho
Actually Han Kang and Min Ho are close friends. They knew each other when Min Ho did his MBA in the US. Though Han Kang hates Min Ho's misdeed towards Ji Hyun and Shin family in general, he never loses his trust on Min Ho that he can be a good man as he saw during their stay in the US. Min Ho knows that Han Kang is back to Seoul to find someone but is lack of knowledge that the person is Ji Hyun, his own fiance. I like the way Min Ho describes Han Kang. In ep 18, he angrily says, "You, who are indifferent to anything, can be so determined just for Ji Hyun?", to Han Kang in front of Yi Kyung who is possessed by Ji Hyun that time.

Okay, this supposed-to-be-short introduction to main characters is longer than I plan. Let's stop here and jump to the quotes! =D

"Han Kang, will you be angry for a lifetime?" ― Ji Hyun (ep. 1)

"Lies are things only humans say."
― Scheduler (ep. 1)

"Humans are really complicated." ― Scheduler (ep. 1)

"Because people will sacrifice themselves because of anger." ― Scheduler (ep. 4)

Han Kang: Why am I surrounded by only these people? On the first day,
I should have just given her money and left. 
Hae Won: Wel, you should have just done that.
Han Kang: Ajusshi, why didn't you stop me? Why'd you let me take her in?
Hae Won: You're worried, right?
Han Kang: I'm not worried. I'm bothered. 
Hae Won: If you are worried, then just say so.
Han Kang: I already said that I'm not worried. Please stop saying these scripted lines
that expose your background.
Hae Won: Hiding it doesn't really mean it's hidden. Then in this world,
there's be nothing you couldn't hide?
― Han Kang and Hae Won (ep. 4)

"The human's heart is fickle. There's no such thing as permanence.
Love then hate. Hot then cold. Upset then grateful. Full of resentment then understanding.
And so on and so forth." ― Scheduler (ep. 10)

"How can people break up so easily
and give up as they want?"  Han Kang (ep. 9)

"Believing what they want to believe is the specialty of the people in this world."
 Scheduler (ep. 11)

"Loving a person is one's own business."
 Han Kang (ep. 11)

"Hiding one's intention is more tiring than not knowing it."  Ji Hyun and Han Kang (ep. 20)

Ji Hyun: It's strange. Min Ho,
who I thought was the nicest person in the world,
is actually a really scary person. Furthermore, I thought Han Kang 
was a mischievous and shrewd person.
Turns out, he is a warm and kind-hearted person.
How can there be such a difference between someone's appearance and inside?
Scheduler: Humans were originally like this. Didn't you know?
What have you been doing your whole life?
― Ji Hyun and Scheduler (ep. 4)

"Although my memories are gone, the feeling remains." ― Scheduler (ep. 8)

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