Wednesday, March 06, 2013

49 Days: quotes

Finally I got another change to watch --again-- one of my fav k-dramas, 49 Days! Yippie.. =D

This 20-episode drama was first aired in 2011 by SBS. Taking romance and fantasy as its genres, this well-and-beautifully arranged drama unsurprisingly was making me laugh hard and cry a lot even in my second time watching. Check out its promotional poster on the left! It reflects the blue-ness of this drama very well..

If you're happen to now know this drama or never watch it, you can load this link to find its brief summary. I'm very sorry for not write it here because I can't say that I'm in the mood to write it --what a silly excuse!--. Here I wanna share some --some? Hmm.. a lot I say. Hehe..-- quotes taking from the drama's script. But before we go to the quotes, I'd like to introduce main characters of this drama. Not all of them, but only whose words quoted..