Thursday, May 06, 2010


“Everything tells me that I am about to make a wrong decision, but making mistakes is just part of life. What does the world want of me? Does it want me to take no risks, to go back to where I came from because I didn't have the courage to say "yes" to life?” — Paulo Coelho (Eleven Minutes: A Novel)

Because human can’t always do the right things in life. So that, once making mistakes is okay. How bout pursuing the best for self? Of course, we shall do it! But, is the best always the right? Is the bad always the mistake?

What is life without risks? Will life go smoothly? Will life be safer?

But, immediately after we were born, we’ve already taken risks, haven’t we? We never knew at that time what probably happened to the heart. Would it beat so we could continued our life?

Hummm, it’s just a note about the right and the bad. About mistakes and decisions. About risks and life..

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