Thursday, May 06, 2010

It's English Session

I found something interesting few days ago when I browsed on the internet. Coz of my job as scholarship seeker ( it a job? Yes or not isn’t important anyway), I visited And guess what!!?? I found an interesting link to another page where we can learn English (I’ll give u the link after I finish writing my review 'bout it).

British Council provides many recordings for free completed with its transcripts and support-packs (list of questions related with the dialog in the recording) for each recording. The recording’s named podcast. Learning English using podcast is fun and easy. And you can improve three dimensions of ur English, those are listening, grammar, and vocab, at a time and through simple way. Podacasts’re classified into some categories, e.g. kids, elementary, pro, etc. So, u can choose the most suitable categories for u. You can listen to it online or download it.

In the end of each podcast for elementary categories (remember, I’d just found it so podcast I’ve heard is still limited, only one honestly… hehehe), we'll meet Tom, our teacher. He will explain you 'bout grammars which are used in the dialog. Besides, he’ll explain you some expressions or idioms mentioned in the dialog. So, you can improve ur grammar n enrich ur vocabulary while you practice listening.

Still remember I didn’t mention speaking as one of dimensions which can be improved using podcast? Why is that so? Coz podcast is a recording and it has no question u should answer verbally. But in my opinion, u still can improve ur speaking ability by repeating what casts say. Find out how word should be pronounced and try to find linking sound! Besides, we can learn the British English’s dialect. So, it depends on you! Coz the podcast is provided by British Council, so English used is British English. And, of course, habits described are British’s.

How to use podcast?? I have some suggestions…
·        Evaluate ur English. Ask urself bout how good you are in listening (remember, podcast is recording), what you wanna get from podcast, etc.
·        Choose the most suitable categories and start from it.
·        Even you can listen to it online, I suggest u to download it so u can listen to it at home or anywhere using ur mp3 player. 
·        C’mon, practice listening! Keep away the transcript at the first time you play the podcast (I suggest you to do it at least 3 times) and challenge urself to find out what casts say. You can make notes if you need…
·        Let’s see how much you get! Check ur understanding using the support pack provided. 50% correct? More? Or less?
·        If you get more, keep goin’ without reading the transcript. But if you get less, take the transcript… read it while listen the podcast. Put ur attention on the transcript; leave the support pack for a while. Do it one or twice. Then try again without transcript but the support pack. Try to listen… (not remember, ok??)
·        When you’ve finished one podcast, move to another podcast… so far I know, there are 8 podcasts provided for elementary categories, and so do other categories… provide more than one podcast.
·         Last but not least… c’mon, challenge urself!! Let’s learn…

Are you interested in it? Just visit If you still can’t find it, you can open, then scroll down, and u’ll find the link at the bottom of the page. Good luck!

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