Monday, March 19, 2012

Gardening Plan

Ok, come the time I need to remind myself about which plant I really want to grow by myself --after I graduate!--. Lately I realize that I need to make such a planting plan so I can stop myself searching for --and adding to my wishlist-- new interesting plant seeds. Besides, I still have some --okay, not SOME! But A LOT..-- seeds of various plants, including tree, flowering plant, ornamental grass, and herb. Trees are special cases. Why? Because I don't have any plan to grow it before I have my own house. I just need to ensure that I keep it properly. Alright, here comes my list of already-have-the-seeds..
  • Horse chestnuts
  • Acorns --seeds of oak tree--
  • Hagebute --rose hip in English--
  • Winterhecke zwiebel --sorry, I dont know its English name--
  • Meconopsis
  • Vinca
  • African marigold
  • Scabiosa
  • Sunflower --mix collection--
  • California bluebell
  • Basil --sweet genovese--
  • Parsley
  • Geranium --mix colour--
  • Bunny tail grass

Wow, kinda long list! I've just realized it. Hahahaha... Silly me!
The fact that I got more than half of the list for free is releasing. Yap, I got the first three during my visit to Berlin last September. I collected those seeds -- it's everywhere during autumn, right?-- and brought it to Indonesia. The following two was given by Hilmar --Silke's father-- during my short visit to Langenlois. Then I got vinca seeds from mbak Nuning after she's back from Amsterdam. The african marigold and scabiosa were also brought from Amsterdam but not by mbak Nuning. It was Punto --an old friend of mine--, as souvenirs from Amstelveen --oleh-oleh in Bahasa Indonesia. What is oleh-oleh in English by the way?--. Last but not least, parsley seeds! I got it as bonus when I bought sunflower, california bluebell, basil, and bunny tail grass. I bought geranium later. 

Actually I have planted some seeds I have. Some successfully grow but the rest doesn't work well. Those succeed are basil and geranium. Those still fail are sunflower and california bluebell. I'm still waiting for parsley and bunny tail grass sprouting because those almost reach its germination time. Meconopsis? Hmmm... It's kinda depressing story. I've tried three times and they always sprouted with high rate of viability. But every time the seedlings reached about 3-cm high, they died. It's so upsetting! =(

So after I graduate I want to do other experiments with those remaining seeds. And.... I want to add some --alright, three-- other plants. I really want to state clearly here which plants I want to grow simply because I don't want the number increasing. So.. There will be... no..! So there are gonna be three additional plants and those are:
  • Hibiscus
  • Minibel tomato --this one is very suitable for container! Lovely!--
  • Sweet mini mix pepper --a dwarf-type of chili pepper-- 

So much exciting work to do... Wish me luck... 

blue hibiscus... one day! ;)
minibel tomato
sweet mini mix pepper


  1. hibiscus itu kembang sepatu khan ya? baru tau ada yang warnanya biru!! cakeps yaa ;)

    1. Iya, hibiscus itu kembang sepatu. Kembang sepatu punya beberapa nama dalam bahasa Inggris. Coba aja cek di posts-ku ttg terjemahan nama2 tanaman di blog ini.. Kalo gak salah inget, aku pernah nulis hibiscus juga.. ;)

      Yang warna biru itu.... L-O-V-E-L-Y!!