Friday, December 24, 2010

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Scene: Dumbledore's Office)

#Ron exits#

Dumbledore: First, Harry, I want to thank you. You must have shown me real loyalty down in the Chamber. Nothing but that could have called Fawkes to you. Secondly, I sense you're troubled by something. Am I right?

Harry: It's just, you see, sir, I couldn't help noticing certain things. Certain similarities. Between Tom Riddle and me.

Dombledore: You can speak Parseltongue, Harry, because Lord Voldemort can speak Parseltongue. Unless I'm much mistaken, he transformed some of his own powers to you the night he gave you that scar.

Harry: Voldemort put a bit of himself in me?

Dumbledore: Not intentionally, but... yes.

Harry: So the Sorting Hat was right. I should be a Slytherin.

Dumbledore: It's true, Harry. You do possess many of the qualities Voldemort himself prizes. Resourcefulness. Determination. A certain disregard for the rules. Yet the Sorting Hat placed you in Gryffindor.

Harry: Only because I asked it to.

Dumbledore: Exactly. Which makes you very different from Voldemort. It's not our abilities that show what we truly are, Harry. It's our choices. (smiling at him) If you want proof that you belong in Gryffindor, Harry, I suggest you look more closely at this.

#Dumbledore hands the bloodstained sword to Harry. An engraved name glimmers above the ruby-encrusted hilt.#

Harry: 'Godric Gryffindor.'

Dumbledore: Only a true Gryffindor could have pulled that out of the Hat.

It's not our abilities that show what we truly are, Harry. It's our choices.


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